Wide stock of used Delivery Vans

It is interesting to note that cargo automobile manufacturers have designed myriad options for the transportation of goods. A Delivery Van, often called just a van, is one such option.

What are delivery vans?

Ideally meant for transporting goods, delivery vans also, at times, carry passengers. In such cases, the load-carrying area of the van is equipped with windows. Those delivery vans that carry only cargo have closed bodies, without any provision for windows. Another difference is that the road tax rate for delivery vans differs from that of passenger vans.     

Delivery vans come in two sizes – small and large. The smaller ones like the Volkswagen Caddy are usually built on a passenger car chassis, while the larger ones have a dedicated chassis that makes them look like mini trucks.

Why Kleyn?

At Kleyn, we offer a wide choice of delivery and passenger vans. Ranging from brands such as Volkswagen and Iveco Daily to Renault and Flat Studio, our stock of used vans includes both open bed vans and closed ones. There are high-end Mercedes-Benz vans on the list too. So if you are looking to buy a used delivery van, you’ve come to the right destination!

Check our stock of used vans here: http://www.kleynvans.com
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