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Volvo trucks logoWhen you are looking to buy a new or Used Volvo truck you need to be informed well about the advantages and disadvantages of all Volvo truck types and Volvo cabs. Next to that it is good to know what the current standard prices are in the market and who has the best Volvo offers.  Let’s start at the beginning with a brief history and continue with some information about all types and cab’s that are available.

Volvo Trucks a long history

Volvo trucks is world's second largest heavy-duty truck brand and started producing trucks since 1928. Currently they are based in Gothenburg, Sweden, owned by Volvo Group - AB Volvo. Volvo trucks are used for various transport solutions. This is not surprising because a Volvo truck is a very reliable truck, which is also reflects in the high resale value of a second hand Volvo truck.

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A sort introduction in current Volvo Models

The Volvo FH will help them to do an even better job and save up to 10% fuel. It contains numerous world first innovations in order to drive safer, load faster, reduce fatigue and increase productivity.
For most haulage operations, the most efficient answer is a Volvo FM. It has a powerful driveline with the efficient engines and I-Shift which will help you save money mile after mile.
Do you need a truck to drive easily through the city? Then the Volvo FL will be a good truck for you. It is the perfect choice for quick deliveries in and around town, with smooth maneuverability and excellent all-round. It has three different cab variation but they all have a low en convenient entry.

What do you want from your new used Volvo truck? Tell us and we will help you select the model you need with matching specs an excellent Volvo cab and a great low price!

Volvo to be used multiple times!

Approximately 95% of a Volvo truck is recyclable. Did you know that a new Volvo truck contains about a third of recycled materials (33% by weight). All plastic parts over 50 grams are all labeled for easy identification. Dismantling handbooks are available for almost all models and Volvo even made agreements with local partners to ensure that almost nothing from a Volvo truck is wasted.

We have a significant number of beautiful Volvo trucks in stock. They vary in the range and have competitive prices. Do you have questions about a Volvo vehicle from our selection or want more information about out Volvo Truck models like the Volvo FM, the Volvo FL or the Volvo FH in general?

Please contact one of our sales representatives. We are glad to help you!
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