Driving a Topline, driving comfort.

The Topline is well known in road transport worldwide, in part because the Scania cab that includes the Topline was voted Truck of the Year some years ago. Rightfully so, because the comfort, reliability and technical prestige of the Topline are the highest standard in commercial vehicles.

Are you searching for a second hand Topline? Do you want a specific Topline, lfor example the Scania R Topline 2010? Then you might find that it is hard to find a good Topline, from the Topline-series that you aim for, for a good price and with the guarantee that your Topline is technically just what you expect from it.

Check out the Topline cabs that Kleyn Trucks offers you. There is no need to physically travel to examine the Topline you like. From our trucks in stock in Holland you can check online if the Topline that fits your wishes is offered.

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Finding the right Topline in a clear and transparent way.

Just check every Topline you like. You can click on the truck pictures and read the technical report. This way we make sure you can choose your Topline with all the information you need. Because the report we provide with the Topline you are interested in, is not just any technical information file. We tested the Topline extensively, making sure to list the exact state of this Topline Scania cab. This information is written down in the technical report of the Topline, but that is not all. To make sure our report of the Topline contains 100% reliable information about that Topline, the renowned inspection agency TÜV supervises the reports we write. Proving that the inspection report you read about your Topline contains only true and completely transparent information on which you can build your decision if you want to buy the Topline you are looking at. That makes choosing your Topline a lot easier.

Did you consider leasing your Topline already?

As an independent driver, but also for transporting businesses, the investment of buying a Topline can be a big one. Do you like to drive a Topline, but are you uncertain about the costs of this luxurious cab? Buying a used Topline reduces your expenses, but still the Topline is not considered a cheap truck cab. Maybe leasing the Topline you would like to drive, would be a good solution for you and your company. Leasing the Topline can save you money. Especially when you are not sure how long you are going to need the Topline.

Do you want to know if leasing your Topline would be a smart decision for you? Our professionals can help you calculate wether you could better buy or lease the Topline you want to drive.
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Always a sharp price!
Fast changing, big stock!
Always sure about the quality!
Always a technical report!
Professional technical service.
Guidance at import and transport.
License plates quickly arranged.
Trading expertise you can trust!

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