Cement or Concrete Mixer Trucks

Just in case you thought Mercedes-Benz manufactured only luxury automobiles, we’d want to tell you that you were not right in thinking so. The brand also manufacturers cement or concrete mixer trucks, and at Kleyn Trucks, we have them on offer for you!

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So What are Mixer Trucks?

Plainly called a mixer truck, a cement or concrete mixer truck combines cement and aggregates such as sand, gravel and other required particles evenly to form concrete. The body of such a truck is a drum that revolves to create the mixture. Construction sites are where cement mixer trucks are usually required.  
At Kleyn Trucks, we sell used mixers of various brands such as the previously mentioned Mercedes-Benz, in addition to Iveco, Scania and some more.

Every mixer truck’s photograph and inspected reports are made available on the site for you to take your pick. If there is a model unavailable in our stock, do contact us. We will promptly source it for you through our worldwide network.
Why would you buy from us?
Always a sharp price!
Fast changing, big stock!
Always sure about the quality!
Always a technical report!
Professional technical service.
Guidance at import and transport.
License plates quickly arranged.
Trading expertise you can trust!

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