Comfortable, dependable and full of useful extras, a used Scania R is great to drive as a commercial vehicle.

Everybody that is on the road professionally, knows the Scania R series. Mostly because the Scania R was the truck of the year in 2010. But not only this specific Scania R is a very comfortable, reliable commercial vehicle. Scania always focuses on the wellbeing of the drivers that use the Scania truck. No wonder that also the used Scania R is a very wanted truck. Many companies understand that one does not need to buy the new Scania. A used Scania R truck of good quality, offers you the same benefits.

Are you looking for a used Scania R? And are you searching for a specific Scania R truck? Many companies focus only on the Scania R 2010 series, although other Scania R series vehicles might be as good for your business. At Kleyn Trucks, you will find the used Scania R you are looking for. Kleyn Trucks is the absolute expert on used commercial vehicles. We are a used truck trader, that receives many new trucks every day. Therefore we offer our clients a wide variety in every kind of vehicles. Also in Scania R used vehicles, you will have many trucks to choose from. To guaranty the quality of each Scania R we offer you, every Scania R and every other truck we offer our clients, becomes a technical test report. This inspection is free to read for our clients. This way for the Scania R you find interesting, all the technical specifications online can be read online.

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Guarantied clarity about your used Scania R.

When you are looking for a good used Scania R, you can just scroll along the Scania R series on sale. But you will find, that you will end up with very many potential used Scania R trucks, that possibly could be your new vehicle. What would be practical to help you choose the right Scania R? Exactly that Scania R, that would be ideal for your business? The Scania R that does not have any unpleasant surprises when you are on the road, you can only find with a used truck trader that shares all the technical information of the used Scania R with you. Kleyn Trucks shares for every truck all the information online with you. All the technical data of the Scania R, that you find interesting, will inform you about the state of that Scania R.

To be absolutely transparent about the technical data and validate them, Kleyn handed the supervision of the inspection to TÜV. This way you can be sure that everything we share with you about the Scania R of your choice, is absolutely trustworthy.

Would  you like to buy your Scania R or do you prefer to lease it?

Whether you are an independent driver, or responsible for the commercial vehicles in your company,  buying a new Scania R is a big investment. Even if you aim to buy a used Scania R truck, it is not a decision that you just make. Did you know that leasing your Scania R could be a money saving solution? Specifically when you are not sure about the time period that you need your Scania R for, the possibility of Scania leasing would be a smart solution in many cases.

This way you still benefit of driving a Scania R, but without the investment that would be required had you bought the new or used Scania. Could leasing your Scania R be a smart solution for you? Kleyn Trucks loves to help you calculate what would be the smartest way to drive a Scania R for you.
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