Dependable and robust: Krone trailers.

Krone trailers are very dependable, efficient, stable cargo trailers. Not only on the smooth highways in western Europe are Krone trailers a common sight. Also on the rougher terrain of the connecting streets of eastern Europe and Russia, Krone trailers have proven to be dependable partners on the road. With the smart features to secure your load in the Krone trailers, even bumpy roads don not cause any major obstacle for those using Krone trailers. And there is another big advantage in using Krone trailers, every part of the Krone trailers is robust and built to last, down to the smallest Krone trailer parts. This is why Krone trailers are voted to be the best brand in Germany when it comes to cargo carrying by trailer.

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Kleyn Trucks does not only offer transparency while searching for good Krone trailers and trucks for sale. We offer at the same time a large amount of Krone trailers to choose from. And daily Krone trailers are bought and sold at Kleyn Trucks, giving our customer the best opportunity to find exactly the Krone trailers that he is looking for. Krone trailers come in many variations. Therefore it might me crucial to know which of the Krone trailers would be best suitable for your job, your transport, your routes and your business. Maybe you know what Krone trailers would be the best choice for you, maybe you would like a little assistance. Did you find some Krone trailers that you like, based on the technical specifications online? Very well-known Krone trailers are the semi-trailers. These Krone trailers can be seen on most highways in the world, transporting goods.

What is a semi-trailer and are Krone trailers semi-trailers?

Krone trailers are also available as semi-trailers. These cargo trailers are the Krone trailers without any axle in the front. While standing uncoupled, the trailer is supported by a landing gear. Therefore something other than the semi-trailer, for example the road tractor, carries the largest portion of the weight of these Krone trailers, when on the road. Krone trailers, that are semi-trailers, combines with a road tractor make semi-trailer trucks. These combinations with Krone trailers can very often be seen on the roads. That is no surprise, since Krone trailers are known for their very efficient solutions. Beside the tradition in established solutions of Krone trailers, Krone cargo trailers are optimized for different purposes. The specialized professionals at Kleyn Trucks are there to assist you finding the best Krone trailers for your job.
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